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Why RJG® Training

Training is a vital step in ensuring your customers receive the highest quality parts. Without trained staff at your press, you can’t be sure that mistakes aren’t being made and bad parts aren’t being shipped. Investing in your team pays off time and time again.

We know plastic better than anyone else in the industry. Simple as that. We’re molders, process engineers, designers… experts.

RJG’s hands-on training allows you to practice as you learn, significantly increasing knowledge retention. Our participant-centered training is a unique approach that puts your needs first and adjusts to what you’re most interested in learning about.

Our goal as trainers is to give you real-world knowledge and tips that you can immediately put into practice when you get home.

World-Class Training Courses

Math for Molders

This online course provides foundational math skills practice to prepare you for process development, troubleshooting, and machine testing that are involved in more advanced RJG courses.

Injection Molding Essentials

An introductory course that provides a solid foundation for understanding the injection molding process and the critical practice of good production techniques.

Systematic Molding

A foundational course that covers how to develop a machine-independent process, how to make data-driven improvements to existing processes, and how to effectively troubleshoot using scientific and systematic approaches.

Part Design for Injection Molding

This course provides molders, tool makers, and design engineers with a common language and the universal knowledge required to successfully design and produce plastic injection molded components.

Master Molder® I

This advanced course covers how to create a DECOUPLED MOLDING® II process and allow you to interpret data, document processes, analyze polymer behavior, and more. This is the industry’s standard demand for training.

Master Molder® II

This advanced course covers how to apply cavity pressure control strategies to accomplish DECOUPLED MOLDING® III techniques using instrumentation and data acquisition and gain a deeper understanding of the improvements Decoupled III provides for process repeatability and robustness.

Meet Our Trainers

Chris Bryan

Pat Mosley

Rich Burfield

Logan Teut

Jim Clifford

Paul Mandeville

Marty Key

Derek Westveer

Daniel Lopez

Jorge Banderas

Thanks to RJG® training, we’re now able to serve our customers better than ever

Simon Cheung

General Manager, Moldshop at Ultratech Mold

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We reduced our scrap from 2% to 0.8% within 2 years and have saved over $173,000 in machine time. In addition, we were able to reduce customer complaints by 59% with RJG’s training.

Ernest Freeman

Molding Supervisor, Century Mold

RJG training goes into greater depth than most, it’s challenging, and you get a sense of accomplishment when you complete a course.

Eric Pipkin

Technical Operations Manager, New Berlin Plastics

Injection molding training that pays for itself!

As a Master Molder, you will have in-depth knowledge of:

  • Materials, molds, and machines
  • Hydraulics and instrumentation
  • DECOUPLED MOLDING® techniques
  • Data interpretation
  • More
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